Thursday, 27 October 2011

Entering the Blogosphere at last!

Now that my move to a new premises in Kent is all done and more or less dusted it seems a good moment to let folks know how work is progressing.

I have been working as a restorer of pipe organs for four years now. It is a second career for me and not a retirement project. Although the move to Kent was a major upheaval it did create an opportunity to build a workshop area more suited to the work I do. In a nutshell, I rented an empty barn and, with the help of my brother who is a professional carpenter, built an inner floor, walls and ceiling that should enable me to work all year round in relative comfort.

From time to time I will post progress reports on various restoration projects. In the meantime here are some before, during and after photos of the new premises.
The Grain Store Workshop when I took it over at the beginning of June 2011 
 The level floor begins to go in.
 My brother, Robin, at work on the office end.
The 'shop front' complete with new sign. The weeds have now gone and some painting has been done. I shall find some more recent photographs!

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